I LOVE adventure. Adventure for me all began before the age of five. By then I had been paragliding, rode on the back of a motorcycle regularly and water-skied soon after I could walk. Too many times to count I travelled by plane between Ontario and New Brunswick/Florida.

Adventure means something different to me now and since then I have travelled to 65+ countries, have enjoyed learning languages and experiencing the unordinary. I also enjoy writing and including my friends and family in my adventures. I hope to inspire people to live out of the box, to find more meaning in their lives, to push the envelope and our physical limits.

I hope you enjoy my narrative stories and reading about where I’m going and what I’m doing around the globe. I have thoroughly enjoyed what life has given to me thus far and I have loved swimming with humpback whales in Turks & Caicos, yachting in the South of France, elephant trekking in northern Thailand, climbing Mt. Kinabalu, Southeast Asia’s tallest meeting and watching migration on the Serengeti.

Thanks for travelling with me and happy reading!

Pulau Weh Booking Information – Dirty Details

Read here for our account of Pulau Weh diving Read here for our experience in Pulau Weh NOTE: The PDF guide to Pulau Weh (at the end of this document) is the most recent one we could find on the island, from 2008. Times and prices will have likely changed.   Indonesian Travel Visa – […]