Top Ten Reasons To Visit Southeast Asia

1)   It’s Cheap! – It’s easy to get by in Southeast Asia for $25/day and many do it for even less. Daily meals and drinks can easily run you less than $10/day. Accommodation prices vary but $5-$10 hostels, guesthouses and hotels are easily available. If you want to save money on accommodations then CouchSurfing or WOOFing are great options. Write a review of the hostel you’re staying in and will pay you $10 for it – a good way to offset accommodation costs.

2)   Travellers Abound! Southeast Asia is popular with travellers of all sorts, young and old, experienced and non-experienced. Choose places where you’ll run into lots of tourists or choose destinations where you won’t. Feeling like you’re getting too much Asia? Visit somewhere where you’re likely to run into lots of people from home.

3)   Yum, Yum Yum! – The food is fantastic, flavourful, and likely familiar if you enjoy it at home. It’s incredibly cheap and countries like Thailand and Vietnam are known for their delicious street food. Yes, it’s safe! Southeast Asia’s cuisine also offers great variety for vegetarians and if you’re aiming to eat well and nutritiously you still can.

4)   It’s Super Friendly – People in Southeast Asia are incredibly friendly and hospitable; I attribute it to their religious beliefs and subsequent value system. They welcome you with open arms and are very interested in learning from you. Find a way to interact with the locals and it will definitely add to your trip.

5)   Scuba Diver & Snorkelling Paradise – Some of the best snorkeling and diving I have done in the world has been in Southeast Asia and it offers some very remote locations with top quality diving. It is also one of the cheapest places to become certified.

Siamil Island Mabul

Siamil Island Mabul

6)   Escape To The Wild – There are still many places in Southeast Asia that are considered “off the beaten path,” such as in Myanmar, parts of Laos, the Philippines and Borneo.

7)   Much To Learn – You will never get bored, as Southeast Asia is host to many cultures and is rich in history and religion.

Long Neck Tribespeople of Northern Thailand

Long Neck Tribespeople of Northern Thailand

8)   Easy To get Around – Overland travel is for the most part very easy and is always an adventure. On your trip try out the train, bus, motorbike and boats and you’ll have many stories to share. Want to fly? Air Asia is a fantastic low cost carrier.

9)   World Heritage Sites – Southeast Asia boasts of 31 Unesco World Heritage sites! Marvel in the sunrise at the top of Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain, Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo. Revel in Cambodia’s magnificent Angkor Wat or discover charming riverside towns such as Hoi An in Vietnam and Luang Prubang in Laos.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

10) Paradise –There are SO many gorgeous beaches; some teeming with people and some with no one on them. Chill out or perhaps learn to surf in Indonesia or kite surf in the Philippines.

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