Top Ten Bucket List Destinations


I really enjoy the adventure of visiting places that are off the beaten path; where many haven’t been and venture out of my comfort zone. With over 65 countries under my belt it seems that it’s time! Many destinations are remote and often have excellent scuba diving and access to indigenous cultures.

In no particular order these ten destinations make the top of my bucket list.

1-Easter Island, Chile: One of the most remote and inhabited islands in the world. Although technically a Polynesian Island it belongs to Chile and is best accessed via a direct flight from Santiago, Chile. It is best known for its majestic monolithic Mo’ai statues, history and ecology and I have even heard that some statues lie in the water making it possible to dive amongst them.

Mo'ai Photo by Arian Zwegers

Mo’ai Photo by Arian Zwegers


2-Palau, Chuuk and Yap, Micronesia: Operation Hailstorm, second only to Pearl Harbor took place in Ckuuk Lagoon and holds wrecks of sixty Japanese ships left undisturbed with their guns, trucks, silverware etc. Warm waters and prolific marine life have transformed them into incredible artificial reefs.

In Palau check out Jellyfish Lake and snorkel through millions of harmless jellyfish.


3-Bhutan: Bhutan is not for backpackers and it’s famously known for its tourist rule that all must pay a minimum of $200 USD per day, inclusively. Few experience its magic, its distinct cultural identity and it’s a country straddling both the ancient and modern world where it’s not uncommon to find monks using computers. Plus, you’ve got to have respect for a country where cigarettes are illegal!


Bhutan Photo by Robyn Jay

Bhutan Photo by Robyn Jay



4-Galapagos Islands: Darwin, evolution, huge Galapagos tortoises and outstanding scuba diving with an abundance of sea turtles, various shark species and sea lions. Again, the Galapagos Islands are a pricier destination and the best way to dive it is while staying on a liveaboard. I did recently read an article about doing Galapagos on a budget and found it to be inspiring.


5-Cook Islands: Why? It’s remote, Polynesian and yet its citizens are New Zealanders and Cook Island Nationals. Originally they were named the Hervey Islands by the famous British navigator James Cook and then renamed in his honour. While you’re there you’ll want to do some trekking, visit burial caves and relax on its beautiful beaches. Don’t forget to snorkel and dive.


6-Laos: I have to be honest about Laos in that I’m not sure why it is on my bucket list. This Southeast Asian gem keeps popping into my mind as a place I have heard great things about and have yet to visit.


7-Maldives & Seychelle Islands: The Maldives archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean and consists of 26 atolls. Sadly one of the most beautiful places on earth is slowly disappearing due to global warming. This is where you want to go for pure relaxation and yes, incredible scuba diving!

The Seychelles located close by also offer much of the same in addition to its French Republic culture. These islands, specifically the island of Aldabra, is another place in the world where one can visit with giant tortoises.

Maldive Wallpaper by Robyn Jay

Maldive Wallpaper by Robyn Jay


8-New Zealand: I have a few friends who live in Auckland and I have found New Zealanders to be the most like Canadians in personality and approach. They even say “eh!” The topography is incredible, think Lord of the Rings and I hear it’s THE destination to go RV-ing in. Can’t wait.


9-Papua New Guinea: Papua New Guinea’s Sepik River lures adventurists, naturalists and anthropologists from all over the world. An expedition up the river is an exploration into unspoiled nature, culture and even humanity itself with some native peoples only recently emerging from isolation. Checkmark, can’t wait! Excellent scuba diving is a definite plus as well.


Papua New Guinea Warrior

Papua New Guinea Warrior


10-Japan (Outside of Tokyo): I have been interested in visiting Japan ever since the Nagano Olympics. I find the history to be fascinating, the people kind and the scenery to be breathtaking. Kyoto in particular intrigues me and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Tokyo staying with a Japanese friend of mine. I’m particularly interested in The Cherry Blossom Festival held on Yoshino Mountain in April.


Mt Fuji Photo by Skyseeker

Mt Fuji Photo by Skyseeker


What places are on your bucket list? 

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