Plans for The Travelling Munschkin

The main goal of The Travelling Munschkin is to offer planning assistance for travellers like myself; those who like to mix their vacations with luxury, backpacking and adventure. I have yet to find a site that caters to this demographic; who says a vacation can’t have a bit of it all?

Most trip posts will be narrative in nature with a link to the “Dirty Details” including the specifics of what I did and how to book it. On each trip I plan to post about a volunteer experience and a “Learn To” segment about me learning how to do something native or known to the destination. Finally, where applicable, a scuba diving segment will be included as well.

When not travelling, posts will feature advice, travel specials, guest posts, contests and general travel information.

Travel planning services will be also offered, for a cost, for those who would like a unique itinerary. Much of my work experience in the past 12 years has been in travel and I have a lot of experience in creating personalized itineraries for both the corporate and leisure sector.

Happy travels and thanks for your support! Xo

Pulau Weh Booking Information – Dirty Details

Read here for our account of Pulau Weh diving Read here for our experience in Pulau Weh NOTE: The PDF guide to Pulau Weh (at the end of this document) is the most recent one we could find on the island, from 2008. Times and prices will have likely changed.   Indonesian Travel Visa – […]