Photos: Best of Buenos Aires

3D image of Eva (Evita) Peron’s famous balcony speech on the side of a downtown building.

Friends at La Bomba del Tiempo percussion night in Buenos Aires. A hot, sweaty night of drums and friends.

The obelisk in the centre of Buenos Aires’ famous fourteen (14) lane main street – Avenida de Julio – and the sign of hope for many Argentineans.

Sunday tango in the San Telmo market.

End of the day lowering of the Argentinean flag at the Falkland Island memorial. You’ll know what I am referring to if you know history or have seen the recent movie “The Iron Lady,” with Meryl Streep.

Beautiful street art in Buenos Aires. For more read:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Me learning to play polo with Polo Elite. One more checked off the bucket list!

A little bit of reggae infused with La Bomba del Tiempo percussion night. Excellent!

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd performed ten (10) nights in Buenos Aires! This mural was way..too…cool! Hats off to my friend Justin who paid an arm and a leg to go see it by himself. A true fan!

Had a blast in Buenos Aires with Shane, his travel partner Brooke and five other Aussie blokes from Melbourne. We all then met up again in Mendoza. Aussies rock.

The fountain at Argentina’s Congress building.

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