Living The Dream – A Life of Independent Travel

Tanah Lot. Bali,Indonesia

Tanah Lot. Bali,Indonesia

Several months ago Matt and I announced to our close friends and family that with great anticipation we’ve decided to begin a life of perpetual travel, beginning this June in Indonesia. We’re now sharing this news with our readers and over the next three months we will be addressing the various aspects involved in planning a round-the-world (rtw) trip, extended vacation or a life of independent travel.

For us this is not just a simple move with plans to come home after a year. This is a complete mind shift for us. We have no end date in mind, no set itinerary and we plan on having a child on the road, travelling with and unschooling our child as he or she grows up.

“Unschooling,” ( is the belief that learning and schooling is more than about being in school and that children learn at difference paces, thriving in different environments. It is our opinion that there is no better classroom than the world. This is not to say that our child will never go to school or receive zero schooling from us but Matt and I share similar philosophies on child rearing and this model appeals to us and our life plan.

How Did This Come About?

I have pursued travel blogging for over a year now and in that pursuit I have enjoyed a few solo trips each lasting 2-3 months. Last October Matt and I were in Kenya working together toward a common goal, to become partners in travel writing and travel photography. We soon realized that travelling back and forth from Toronto wouldn’t work. There were many reasons that came to mind but the primary were that it costs much less to live in many parts of the world than it does to live in Canada and a successful travel writer/blogger/photographer really needs to be consistently travelling, learning and sharing those lessons to be successful.

So, What Now?

We have been diligent in our budgeting and spending and have made few, unnecessary expenditures over the past six months. My condo is up for sale, we’re taking care of our worldly possessions and we’re simply doing whatever we need to do to make our dream lifestyle a reality.

Reality Setting In

While we are both excited about this new chapter in our lives it is also a bittersweet decision. We are saying goodbye to much-loved friends and family and will not be a part of their lives in the way we once we dreamed we would.

And, perhaps the most heartbreaking is that we need to find a family and home for our beloved 15-year-old white Angora (cat), Diesel. I cannot imagine a life without her and it will be the hardest thing I’ve had to do, but, Matt and I need to begin living our lives and staying in Toronto with Diesel is not part of the plan.

Diesel in the Park

Diesel in the Park

We look forward to you keeping up with our adventures and hope to see you on the road!

Keep tune for my weekly post on Long Term Travel where we’ll cover all the aspects of planning a long-term trip.


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