Hotel Review: Homland Hotel vs. Summerland Hotel (Bahir Dar, Ethiopia)

The winner of what hotel to choose in Bahir Dar is clear, Homland Hotel (not a spelling error) wins by a landslide.

Summerland Hotel is old, tired, has small cockroaches running around and the tiny television did not work.

Pros: My room did have a very nice balcony overlooking the street and the location is prime, centrally located.

The hotel does have a complimentary airport shuttle (about 10 mins)

The food is ok. The mattress is the softest I’ve slept on, almost makes me wonder why.

The lobby has WIFI but there is only one room with WIFI and it has a king size bed so you’d have to pay the double price if you’re a single traveller.

Homland Hotel is definitely where I would stay and/or bring a group too. The hotel is new, spic and span clean, not a bug to be seen. The food is fantastic and there is a great little bar to hang out in with your group as well as a large terrace overlooking the street.

The rooms are a great size, and those with twin sharing beds are quite large. They have flat screen TVs and there is ample meeting space. An addition to the hotel in currently under construction and it will house more rooms, a swimming pool, sauna, gym and elevators. At the same time the elevators will be added to the existing building. A bridge will connect the two buildings and the outside terrace will be enlarged.


Complimentary breakfast at both hotels.

Cons: The only con is that is not as centrally located. However, in my opinion you’re unlikely to be out in the evenings after a full day of touring and an early morning start. If you are, it’s a very easy and inexpensive tuk tuk ride to the centre of town.

CONCLUSION: I would definitely book the Homland Hotel.

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