Hands Down It’s Teva’s Jordanelles!

I never thought that I’d be one to get excited about winter boots but here I am writing about them. Sure they’re utilitarian and are great for playing in and navigating through snow but the problem is that the key ingredient, snow, has been missing over the past few years. Global warming has really changed the amount of snow that we now receive during a typical Toronto winter, in fact, many a winter have been braved in running shoes with those rare snow days dealt with.

Enter, my Teva Jordanelles. They make me happy and they make me smile. When I was asked if I wanted to receive a pair I said “Sure” and hoped I’d have the chance to try them out in the snow and share my opinion.

Teva Jordanelles

Teva Jordanelles

The Jordanelle is super lightweight and the top of the boot crushes down making it perfect for travel. When I next travel to a cold destination (Argentina’s Cafayete glaciers come to mind), they’ll be the first thing I pack. I love that they come in Beet Red (fuschia-esque) in addition to black and grey but the major selling point for me is the removable bootie/liner, perfect for hanging around the cabin. How cool was I at my friend’s cabin over New Year’s rocking the fuschia bootie? Perfect with any pant or legging!

Teva Booties

Teva Booties

And yes, functional they are as well. Complete with Thinsulate™ and White Spider Rubber™ they are waterproof and warm! To me, the perfect boot and one I believe I’ll buy again and again.

Men, don’t fret! Teva makes them for you as well. Called the Chair 5 it comes in black or dark gray with its respective solid black/gray bootie.

Price: $170 CAD

Women’s Colours:  Beet Red with plaid fuschia bootie. Black with blue plaid bootie. Dark gray with green plaid bootie.

Men’s Colours: Black with solid black bootie. Dark gray with solid gray bootie.


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