Funnies Along the Way…

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

And yes, I chose this quote on purpose….

One of the things I enjoy most about travelling is the differences from home and the amusing signs, mistranslations, fashions etc. Here they are from this trip.

I love Hong Kong’s civility. There is a contraption to have your wet umbrella wrapped before entering a store. It is not an option and it is done to avoid wet, slippery floors. This photo was taken at the entrance of a cosmetics store. 

Asians love their dried meat. I love meat and I love beef jerky so I thought why not? Yeah, not so much. 

Love “Kickapoo Joy Juice.” It certainly makes me giggle and brings me joy. 

This milk is for cereal only… do not use it for anything else. 

So the Hong Kong airport’s female washroom. Toilets for child and mom.  

Asians love their cute little figurines, stuffed animals and anime. Place stuffed animals at restaurant tables and more people come in to eat?

A fast food restaurant in Macau. Much better than the cookie monster, no? 

Pom pom platform shoes? Check. Star kneepad/leggings? Check. Polka dot cowl neck? Ready to brave the day. Could not let this pass me by.

I kid you not, this photo was posted in a restaurant’s front window to entice patrons. Yum! 

I have checked this departure card over and over to see if I’m seeing things. But…doesn’t the expiry date (2006) occur before the passport was issued (2009)? Photo taken at Manila Airport, International Departures. How to fill out the departure card. Hmm… 

A sign telling you what proximity should be held around a whaleshark (in Moalboal, Philippines). 

Washrooms in the Luzon province of the Philippines are called Comfort Rooms. I remember once asking where my guide was and was told “he went to comfort himself.” Was completely confused until I saw that washrooms were “Comfort Rooms.” This sign made me laugh because heaven forbid you blow your nose in the washroom. WTF? 

“Health Is Better Than Wealth”, one of many inspirational sayings on a school property. Referring to the post Journey Into the Jungles of Borneo. 

Absolut Vanilia and the word vanilla is spelled incorrectly. At first I thought it was counterfeit but then I kept on seeing it everywhere. Is it spelled so at home? Is Vanilla in Swedish spelled Vanilia? Anyone know? It gets better, evidently the Liquor Control Board of Ontario doesn’t carry it but when Googled it is spelled correctly. Interesting.

In Brunei I saw this on an Isuzu Trooper (jeep). Do ours have the same corny saying? I almost puked. “Those precious moments when time stands still. And the cares of the world just fall away. Discover the true meaning of freedom. Trooper.”  I’ll tell you what a “trooper” trekking through Asia.

This time a batmobile wanna be. Not so sure about the rims. 

Grocery store in Semporna, Borneo. Gotta love the Pick & Mix Seafood and Pick & Mix Frozen Meat. 

In Brunei I saw this Advertisement for this book and I couldn’t believe it. “Cancer Kills But I Survive. Find Out How? In “Thank Goodness I Have Cancer.”    Wow! Really?

“Inflate Your Fun?” Yes please!!  

My friend Ogi’s front door to her condo in Tokyo. I am told that all new builds have a state of the art security system at the door, video camera, intercom, electronic doors. I also like the umbrella holder. This is in addition of course to the old school peephole. (Below)

Apartment doors in Macau and Hong Kong also have a massive steel grate covering their front door. 

I like to call it “Tokyo’s Sperm.” Ogi tells me it’s a beer company’s headquarters.

My friend Ogi’s toilet. Every option one could ever dream of. Toilets are like this everywhere. Don’t know why anyone would want to get off. Oh, and Ogi’s toilet has a tap/sink on the back that automatically goes on when you flush. Nice.

Heading home tomorrow but six more trip posts to come!!!!

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  1. Kickapoo joy juice….ACTUALLY TOO FUNNY! lol 🙂

    intrepidtraveller November 21, 2011 at 6:39 PM Reply

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