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Welcome to The Travelling Munschkin’s budget information centre, a one stop shop for accommodations, restaurants/nightlife, unique experiences and adventure plus the hottest deals in budget travel.

We’re experiencing a new era in budget travel and the definition has changed from when I was younger. While the price gap between budget and luxury accommodations may be great the quality of budget accommodations has improved significantly. Many hostels are places I highly recommend for singles, couples and sometimes even families. And many also offer the comfort and amenities of 3* hotels but the services they offer are often unparalleled. Plus the opportunity to meet other travellers offering advice, tips and camaraderie is invaluable.

Bed and breakfasts and many non-luxury 3* and 4* hotels now resemble some luxury boutique hotels and often are located in popular and unique areas. Add in hot deals and budget accommodations should be considered whether you’re on a budget or choose to spend your money elsewhere.

When it comes to restaurants, nightlife and experiences budget is often about doing your research or visiting a site like this one where we’ll highlight them. Some include free entrance to some of the best attractions, early booking bonuses, vouchers etc. The best way to find about them is to keep up with my tweets and Facebook page to receive the most up-to-date information.

Interested in reading my about my adventures? Choose “Travel Tales,” and immerse yourself a narrative escapade. Some of my favourites? Biking through Argentinean wine country, partying in Rio de Janeiro during Brazil’s Carnival, trekking through the jungles of Borneo, visiting the long neck tribes in Northern Thailand and discovering Moscow.

Either way you’ll find everything you need here for your budget travel needs. Thanks for coming!


Pulau Weh Booking Information – Dirty Details

Read here for our account of Pulau Weh diving Read here for our experience in Pulau Weh NOTE: The PDF guide to Pulau Weh (at the end of this document) is the most recent one we could find on the island, from 2008. Times and prices will have likely changed.   Indonesian Travel Visa – […]